Rutledge Family

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh the joys of parenting!! Seriously, it's the coolest job in the universe!! Keegan is changing everyday and it is truly amazing to think that just a mere 9 months ago she was not here. It seems as though she has always been in my life. It's so much fun she is now trying to get EVERYTHING within her reach and most things that are not in her reach. She is not so much crawling yet, but scooting everywhere. She also LOVES standing and will hold on to the coffee table and just laugh. We had a checkup on her hips yesterday and things are going well in regard to them. We will have another checkup here in 3 months and if everything is okay we won't have to go back to the Orthopedic doctor for another year. She also had her 9 month check up yesterday and she is right on track ..................95th percentile in her weight and height. Funny because she hasn't gained any weight in 3 months.............just think what percentile that put her in 3 months ago!! :) Well, hope all is well with everybody. Anybody else have new pics for me to post??

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well, a couple of weeks ago, we had a really big event happen here in Knoxville. Actually, two really big events. Jason and Keegan were both baptized . This is a picture of both of them just a little while before their baptisim. Keegan was really funny because she pretty much slept through the whole thing until they sprinkled the water on her and then she just kind of looked up annoyed like............HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO I am sleeping!!

Hello to everybody.................been awhile since Ilast posted. I wanted to make sure everybody got a chance to see the newest addition to our family. We got a new little Beagle, his name is Deeoge. Like D-O-G. He is really cute, but let me tell you............I most defnately do not recommend that ANYBODY have both a baby and a puppy at the same time! Both Keegan and Aedin seem to be adjusting well to our newest little one. More on everything later!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hello to all!! Many of you know Andrea who swam with me at Ball State, but what you may not know is that her little boy is as cute as a booger!! Look at these adorable pictures of her son in a swim cap...........yet another swimmer in the making!! Also, her husband just graduated from the Indiana Police Academy which makes him offical!! CONGRATULATIONS MATT!! Andrea's family is also closing on their new home on June 23rd!! What an exciting time for her family! Keep these pictures coming's really fun to see what everybody is doing!

Hello to all of you!!! I just got back in touch with a friend who lives in Austin, but we grew up together in Houston!!! Isn't that so cool? Well anyway I found out she is doing really well and is married and just started as the new Marketing and Communications Director for Touch International, a touch screen manufacturer. Pretty sweet huh? The picture shown is of her and her husband Val on a trip they took together to San Diego back in March. Catch ya'll on the flip side!! :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well one of the Nurses that fills in for us at rehab got hitched this past weekend.............and my my my was she ever a beautiful bride. As you can see from the pictures, Kathleen and Terry were two quite happy newlyweds. This event gave my coworkers, spouses, and I chance to see each other outside of work which doesn't get to happen often, but we always have fun when it does!! :) You can see our little work group (minus one of us) in the bottom picture. These are the people that help me to keep my sanity through daily living and AWESOME BUNCH!!! I love 'em! Anyway, Congratulations to Kathleen and Terry, best wishes to you both as you embark upon your new lives together!! Hope everybody else is doing well as you read this post!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Scooter and Liz finally got to come to Indianapolis to check out the Indy 500 this year!! And they had an awesome time...........this is them enjoying the Friday before the race at a Fishers bar!! Scooter.................where's your hand??

Okay, okay........I know EVERYBODY says that you should let your kids choose their activities and not be pushed into them. But is it really so wrong that I just COULD NOT wait to be Keegan in the pool for the first time?? I mean how can you not just LOVE the water?? I mean if she turns out to be a swimmer it couldn't be ALL bad right?? RIGHT??? :) So, here is my little pumpkin's first time in her pool, so what if she had to share it with her momma and it was only 6 inches deep!!

I am just beginning this blog as a way to keep in touch with the Rutledge family and friends through stories and pictures, please bare with me as I learn how this whole bit works!!! :) I hope everybody is doing well and keep checking this out as I learn to BLOG!!